Although we know Southern California (and Southern Nevada) are usually divided within a rep group by freeways and cities, Trend Marketing Group chooses to maintain the relationships built regardless of zip code. It may seem to be pretty much the same, and it is. The difference is you can work with who you want and so can we. Fred Goff lives in Long Beach and covers a number of territories including the Tri- Counties (Santa Barbara and Ventura) area and Southern Nevada. Jim Laffin lives in Murrieta and handles San Diego, much of the Inland Empire and some of Orange County. Peter Trevino lives in Torrance and covers a large section of Los Angeles and all of Kern County, as well as a handful of accounts in Orange County.  Josh McLeish lives in San Clemente and primarily works Orange County and San Diego. We have four storage facilities scattered over Southern California and over 250 demos from the lines we represent. If we don’t have it for you, we’ll get it.

With over 75 years of combined experience, a Trend Marketing Group representative can help in every facet of your project from: health and safety, ergonomic evaluation, specification of product, Giza support, space planning, installation, warranty related issues and project management…with products to maximize quality and profitability.
We’re waiting to hear from you.